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We conduct PCR and Lateral (Rapid) Flow Travel Tests from our Clinic at 53 Irish Town, Gibraltar.  Please register below.

PCR Travel Tests

GHA Cardholders only

Lateral (Rapid) Flow Travel Tests

Travel Certificate included

Private PCR Travel Tests

 Appointment made via Email.

The Mission

Our mission is to provide world-class medical expertise to the maritime industry in a timely and effective manner, no matter when or where the requirement arises.

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The Need

The global shipping industry plays an oft-unseen and yet crucial part of maintaining our lives in the 21st century. In fact without the shipping industry our lives would be unrecognisable from the ones we lead today.  If the ships themselves are unseen, then the men and women who operate these vessels are even more unseen. These seafarers have health requirements the same as any other person, and due to the unique set of hazards they face, providing for their health needs can be more complex than for people in different walks of life.  Yet ensuring a healthy workforce is essential for the effective management of any vessel, and indeed any shipping line. This is where MMS can come into play.

The Provider

As medical experts who are intimately involved in the maritime industry we understand all the nuances that come with operating in the maritime domain: At MMS we:

  • realise the importance of prompt, responsive and flexible service
  • recognise the value in providing dependable assistance
  • know that having an appreciation of the demands of this exacting world is integral to providing appropriate medical management advice and guidance.

What is more, our experiences with working with seafarers mean that we understand the unique set of circumstances that they live and work under. We know the stresses and strains that come with playing a role in this globally-essential industry.  Taken together, this means that MMS is ideally placed to cater to the health needs of seafarers and ship operators alike.

The Provider