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Karl Thumb
Medical Director & Port Health Officer

Dr Karl Alvarez

MMS Medical Director and Port Health Officer, Dr Alvarez first qualified as a physiotherapist at The University of Nottingham in 2005, after which he established his own physiotherapy clinic and developed his practice by working with elite athletes. He then went on to study Medicine at the University of Southampton and followed this with postgraduate training. He is a Member of both the Royal College of Surgeons and the Royal College of General Practitioners and has a Diploma in Clinical Dermatology with Distinction from Queen Mary University in London. Dr Alvarez returned home to Gibraltar in 2019, where he enjoys working with and caring for members of his community.

As well as providing medical direction, Dr Alvarez is also an accredited OGUK and RCUK Medical Examiner and provides clinical care both on board vessels and ashore at our clinic in Irish Town.

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Managing Director

Nick Culatto

Tristan Lark Image
General Manager

Tristan Lark

In the early part of Tristan’s professional career, he served in the Royal Marines Commandos. Passing for duty in 2004 at the Commando Training Centre, he later gained battle honours in Sierra Leone, Afghanistan, Libya and The Gulf of Aden. In 2019 Tristan finished his military career as a Physical Training Staff Instructor at the Commando Training Centre Royal Marines.

During Tris’s career as a PTI he studied and worked at the highly claimed Defence Medical Rehabilitation Centre Headley Court and qualified as a Rehabilitation Instructor and Health & Wellbeing Advisor. In this role he worked closely with injured and sick services men and woman, helping and guiding them through their recovery pathway. These processes regularly included both physical and mental health support for highly traumatised and battle scared individuals. As his career progressed and his experience deepened, Tris became the lead rehab instructor at a number of elite commando units.

Tristan lives in Gibraltar and is happily married to his wife and together, they have two children. In his spare time Tris enjoys rugby, rowing and exploring southern Spain.

Tris say “my aim, is to maintain and continue the standards of loyalty, professionalism and dependability that I have upheld throughout my military career”.